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NY Giants
San Francisco
Nov 12
8:15 PM ET
Taylor Price
Taylor Price 
A seasoned sports writer and podcast host who worked with the San Francisco 49ers from 2008 to 2016. He managed the team's digital media and website coverage for nine seasons, including three appearances in the NFC Championship game and Super Bowl XLVII. Taylor currently hosts the Taylor Price Talk Podcast on iTunes and interviews current and former NFL players along with notable members of the media.
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42.9% NFL

Forget Pat Mahomes as the QB steal of 2017, it might be Nick Mullens. JUST KIDDING! The undrafted and unassuming passer captured the hearts and minds of football fans last week with an out-of-nowhere three-touchdown breakout performance on “Thursday Night Football.” And while surely nobody thinks Mullens can become a weekly multi-touchdown machine like Mahomes has for the Chiefs, it’s still a pretty cool story for a 49ers team desperate for something to go their way this season.

Mullens has moved ahead of C.J. Beathard in the starting lineup, a rare accomplishment for a third-stringer. The trick now for “Primetime” Nick is to continue the momentum against another awful opponent in a highly visible matchup. Can he step up against the 1-win New York Giants? A few numbers and gut feelings suggest which team will have the advantage on Monday. Allow me to explain.

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