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New Orleans
Jan 13
4:40 PM ET
Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport 
Actor, Director, Sports Fanatic & Senior Fantasy Football Analyst Michael Rapaport prides himself on knowing all things NFL & NBA. Bet with or against him, he's putting in his picks for the honey and the money. Join in on his thrill of victory or the agony of his defeat. Come Dance with The Dingo.
63-50-4 NFL Record in 2018
55.8% All Time
55.8% NFL

Disclaimer: Look this is Playoff Football, anything can happen. This has been a fantastic & grueling season. No one deserves to be sent home but it's going to happen. I'm not about picking ATS because it's do-or0die and teams will do whatever it takes to accumulate points. I'm a playoff purist and I don't want to be checking the scoreboard and my betting slip so let's go for the MONEYLINE. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are riding high off their last second road win against Chicago last week. It was an ugly game where the defending champions came up big late with a touchdown drive & a blocked field goal.


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